Thudguard Infant Safety Hat - Lilac

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Award winning product invented in the UK to protect your little one from head injury while learning to walk. Thudguard™ is the only product of its type in the world that complies with safety standards and the only product endorsed by Children's Accident & Emergency Experts.

  • Ideal head cushion - for the sitting up / crawling / pulling up against furniture / first steps / walking and playing outdoor stages. Also protect those little noggins against icy slips and tumbles in the snow.
  • ½ inch thick impact tested protective foam hat is designed to help absorb and reduce the impact of falls from a child's own height and may lessen the chance of head injury when infants are learning to walk.
  • Comfortable (stretchy), circumference band allows for growth and ventilation.
  • Adjustable soft (stretchy), elastic chinstrap.

  • Ultra lightweight materials avoid pressure on developing neck muscles.

  • Thudguard® is endorsed and supported by experts worldwide.
  • Help to promote early cycle helmet wearing habits.

REMEMBER - Thudguard is not a babysitter. Children should be supervised at all times! Thudguard is a piece of protective equipment - only use a few times per day in small intervals to help baby safely practice walking and the development of gross motor skills, giving breaks every 15 to 20 minutes. Please be sensible - would you keep a hat on all day?

Note: Thudguard is not a street cycle helmet and should not be used to replace it.

Suitable for babies and toddlers with head circumference of 40 cm to 50 cm.